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Our talk show published in Vatan Newspaper July 2017 (Eda Solmaz)

Our talk show published in Vatan Newspaper July 2017 (Eda Solmaz)

A talk show about film and food (listen below)

Filmin Tadi (lit. Taste of film) is a live talkshow and podcast that we air from Cashmere Radio in Berlin. Each episode discuss a new Turkish film classic with sociologist Sezai Ozan Zeybek. We summarize the plot and characters, but dive into all the interesting food details in the background: How is food portrayed in the movie and what does the representation tell us about Turkish society at the time? While talking about all of this in retrospective, the dialogue naturally passes onwards to near history, food habits and politics of Turkey today. And we play original music from the films we discuss. Talk show is live on Cashmere Radio!

Kerem Soyyilmaz Filmin Tadi - Kemal Sunal Ekmek
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Kerem Soyyilmaz Sezai Ozan Zeybek Filmin Tadi

1st episode we discuss the popular movie 'Copculer Krali' from 1977. It is a very significant movie, giving the political climate of late 70′s and the bloody coup d'etat. However, we focus on everyday details, such as margarine, bread and canned foods.

2nd episode we discuss what does a plate full of soup in a working class family represent in 80' s Istanbul. Adults from children eyes or children from adult eyes in the perspective of food, food culture and kitchen. We picked all the food scenes and talked about them.

3rd episode we talked about promoting from eating on the floor to using a dinner table, raki culture, manhood and red meat and migration from East Turkey to West. 

4th episode we discuss what to eat in Germany if you are a Turkish immigrant, what German Turks like to cook at home, how cool Fatih Akin is. And great soundtrack of the film is a bonus!

All episodes are available below. They are available on Itunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.